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The famous Fleshlight Masturbator is one of the top selling sex toys for men worldwide!  The handheld sex toy replicates the orifice it is designed to imitate so well that it is almost (in many opinions) better than the ‘real thing’! Whether for self-pleasure, use with a partner or simply a gift, buying a Fleshlight is always a good choice. One of the more-popular models is the Stamina Unit. This masturbator features tickler nodules in the tunnel that increase surface area and stimulation on the shaft of the penis. Every stroke is an extreme stroke of pleasure as these nodules do their job!

The incredibly realistic aesthetic of the material makes this sex toy feel so true-to-life that guys all over the world make bold claims that it is ‘better than the real thing’.  Give it a try and decide for yourself.

The Fleshlight is one awesome sex toy for guys!

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