Kegel Balls

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Maintaining strong vaginal muscles is very important. By exercising your vaginal muscles with ben wa balls and kegel excercises, it helps your body to stay healthy and can help ease the pains of childbirth. Most importantly though, having strong vaginal muscles will benefit you and your partner during sex. Your partner will enjoy the feelings of your kegel strength, as it feels like his penis is being squeezed. Ben Wa Balls, also referred to as Venus Balls, or Geisha Balls. The name is not so important as the incredible benefits that are derived from using them. They are metal, glass, plastic or silicone spherical shaped balls that vary in size, but are usually no larger than a medium sized set of marbles. These ben wa balls or kegel balls are inserted into the vagina and held using the strength of your vaginal muscles.

The first time you may try to hold them in for 30 seconds, and then slowly work your way up and improve holding time as you progress and strengthen the muscles. We recommend that every woman, pre or post childbirth should own their own set of ben wa balls.