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G-Spot Vibrators are designed to feature a curved tip designed especially for stimulating the G-spot.. Once inserted into the vagina, the tip of the vibrator protrudes just enough to stimulate and provide extra surface area against the G-spot! The intense stimulation occurs due to the special form of the head that is slightly curved for this purpose. The curved structure of the G-spot vibrator makes it possible to stimulate the G-spot without awkward body positioning.
Male users of the G-spot vibrators insert the vibrator into the anal canal which stimulates the prostate, also called the male G-spot. Used alone or during intercourse, it produces more intense sexual sensations.
Male G-spot massage is becoming very popular, not only for its health benefits to the prostate gland, but also for the often intense sexual pleasure. Our Male G-spot vibrators are specially shaped to fit snugly into the rectum, vibrating the anal canal, perineum, and prostate gland to ‘milk’ the prostate.