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Toning and pleasuring your body in unison the Delicious Pleasure silver balls discreetly wriggle and jiggle inside you Massaging your G spot with expert skill the jiggle balls can even be worn for blush inducing public play with your own Christian I am going to put these inside you and then I m going to spank you not for punishment but for your pleasure and mine Christian Grey A smooth silicone harness cradles 2 weighted balls that roll around inside you nuzzling your G spot for heightened excitement Slip them inside you and revel in the sensation of rolling internal weights caressing your internal sweet spots with every movement Weighing just 32g each total 64g these jiggle balls are perfect for beginners and intermediate users With frequent use helping strengthen your pelvic floor with tighter kegel muscles you can experience stronger longer and more frequent orgasms Free roaming internal balls offer titillating stimulation thats unpredictable and adds a spontaneous edge to erotic endeavours Wear during a jolly good spanking session or pair with clitoral stimulation and feel the balls respond to your pleasure coaxing you into deeper arousal.

Don t forget to coat your Ben Wa balls with plenty of water based lube to make insertion easy

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