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2 balls for double the pleasure
Metal balls inside for soft vibrations
Silicon made cord for extra hygiene and flexibility

The Famous Ben Wa Balls (Also known as ‘Oriental Duotone Balls’)

Ben Wa balls, also known as Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, or Geisha balls are small plastic balls attached to eachother with a string containing smaller metal balls inside that roll around. These are known as Duotone Balls. They contain a smaller metal ball inside each case that rolls around inside—used for sexual stimulation – either for insertion into the vagina or anus. Once inserted into the vagina or anus, the smaller metal balls thrust the movement of the large balls back and forth with every movement of the body. The muscles inside the vagina or anus instinctively contract to hold the balls in place, thereby strengthening and stimualting these muscles. This toys creates a unique and highly enjoyable movement with every movement that your body makes.

It is possible to leave Ben Wa balls in one’s vagina all day, or use them while seated in a rocking chair or normal chair with your own body movement for an effect that many find highly pleasurable. These Vaginal weights come in are specially designed and are used in increasing weights to strengthen the vagina, which improves sexual performance.

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