Bijoux Indiscrets – Sex au Naturel Neutral Water-Based Lubricant


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It’s about time that we start seeing our lubricants carrying the same great formula as our skincare products. Let’s give them the importance they deserve!

– Water-based
– Vegan
– Glycerine-free
– Fragrance and colorant-free
– Ph optimized to match yours
– Dermatologically tested
– Osmolality* below 380mosm/kg

Besides the many factors that can contribute to lack of lubrication (like your diet and stress level, for example), lubricants are not exclusive for people with vulvas. They are perfect allies for solo play no matter if you have a vulva or a penis. They also match perfectly with your favorite massager and above all not all body areas naturally lubricate and we need to keep things owing (safe, painless, and fun).

A lubricant is not just a problem solver, it’s the master Jedi of sexual “accessories”.

A medical-grade, water-based lubricant formulated with high-grade ingredients to match your natural lubrication with no fragrance, dye, or sugar added

In a 2013 study, lubricant use was associated with higher levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction in both solo masturbation and partnered sexual activities. 90% agreed or strongly agreed that lube made sex feel “more comfortable”, “more pleasurable,” and simply “better”(*).

(*) Jozkowski KN, Herbenick D, Schick V, Reece M, Sanders SA, Fortenberry JD. Women’s perceptions about lubricant use and vaginal wetness during sexual activities. The journal of sexual medicine.

30 ml