Bijoux Indiscrets – Sex au Naturel Revitalizing Intimate Massage Gel


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Finding a product that’s good for your skin, is pH-balanced, and doubles up as the perfect lube for partnered play and solo self-care with a personal massager, is hard.

It came to us clear as day — like the product itself! It had to resemble natural lubrication, be long-lasting, non-sticky, and be good for your skin! And fnding this formula was like hitting the jackpot.

Relying on the expertise of our Barcelona lab, who have been going strong in the cosmetic industry for 30 years, we shared our “perfect formula,” and voila! Blended with high-grade ingredients, this formula contains the crown’s jewels. That is, SyriCalm TM. When skin is stressed from extensive daily hygiene, SyriCalm TM brings it back into balance, and increases its natural protection.

Make sure you add this step to your daily routine, your body and libido will thank you!

An all-natural patented multi-task molecule:

Broad biological action towards cellular stress, infammation and skin quality
Soothes and calms irritated skin.
Supports the skin to fully regain and maintain its protective functionality.
Reduces infammation for immediate calming and long-term protection.

Contents: Revitalising Intimate Massage Gel. (30ml / 1 fl. oz.)