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Fleshlights, Tenga Eggs, automatic penis-strokers and realistic pussies. The most common sex toy for men is the masturbator. Lovecraft offers you a unique selection of these sex toys for men. Anything from the original Fleshlight to a basic silicone tube masturbator can be found here. We offer many pussy replicas, ass and mouth masturbators all moulded from the human body for unparalleled realistic masturbator look and sensation. We also have a wide variety of the famous Fleshlight masturbators.

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There is a very wide range of masturbators made to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse. Whether he is interested in vaginal or anal sex, or even to simulate oral sex. They come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some look like a vagina orifice, or an anus orifice and there are even ones that look like someone’s mouth. They come in assorted colors and flesh tones to match whatever you’re personal interest is. A lot of them look so small you may think to yourself “that’s way to small to fit my penis into!” Rest assured, the material is very stretchy and this 'tight' sensation is highly desireable by many. They are also made small on purpose because with use the material will generally stretch out. Most men prefer a tighter feeling of pressure while masturbating anyway.