FEMOXIL Vaginal Suppositories – Natural Plant-Based Formula for The Treatment of Bacterial, Viral and Yeast Infection of The Vagina. Provides Fast Soothing Relief – pH Balance and Health (12 x 2gms)


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FEMOXIL Vaginal Suppositories assists women with a broad spectrum of vaginal infections. FEMOXIL is specifically designed to bring fast and soothing relief from vaginal pain and discomfort such as itching, burning, irritation, redness or soreness, pain, swelling and dryness. Some women may also experience pain or discomfort with urination, pain during sexual activity, light bleeding outside monthly menses, abnormal discharge, and an odour.

Offering higher efficacy, at a lower cost, FEMOXIL’s active ingredients works deliberately and gently to treat different chronic and acute conditions in a balanced manner.

The perfectly balanced formula of Aloe Vera, Tea-Tree oil, Origanum, Lavender and Geranium plant extracts is available as a suppository and is advocated for the treatment of common vaginal fungal infections as well as conditions like Vaginal Atrophy and Vulvo Vaginitis.

The easy to apply suppository dissolves to treat infection and restores the vaginal environment to within the optimal range of 4 – 4.5 pH which keeps new infections at bay. The fast-dissolving suppository acts as a prophylactic to bring quick relief from vaginal itch and discomfort while soothing injured, atrophic, or irritated vaginal mucosa. Beneficial treatment outcomes with FEMOXIL include healing and long-term maintenance of skin.

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